Workplace by Facebook

In 2017, Cubepros became the first accounting firm to partner with Workplace by Facebook.

Workplace is Facebook’s way of bringing the popular social network to the world of business. Workplace is a collaboration software that combines next-generation technology with user-friendly features to transform corporate communications, culture and workflows. The main purpose of collaboration software is to enhance productivity of individuals in groups or teams within an organization, in support of their goal achievement. With these programs, users can coordinate tasks and create individual workspaces, then have workflows and data added to it.

The service combines the look and feel of Facebook’s consumer application with features targeted to enterprise users. The services include a central News Feed, Work Chat, groups for specific projects, an analytics dashboard, two-factor authentication, and other useful features.

Workplace by Facebook contributes to your organization in the following ways:



Workplace enables seamless top-down communication and knowledge sharing. Break through organizational silos by posting important corporate updates via News Feed, and get real-time feedback. Apply auto-translate to clearly communicate business goals to an internationally dispersed team.


Great organizations focus on their people. Workplace promotes feedback and openness to drive cultural change. Utilize Facebook polls within Groups to highlight company issues. Easily share training videos and webinars with new and established employees for ongoing education, to make your team even more effective in the long-run.


Contrary to other collaboration software on the market, Workplace by Facebook does not expand in complexity as it grows in office popularity. Workplace is software that actually improves as more people use it. The Workplace system is run by Machine Learning, which means the platform becomes smarter and more relevant over time.

The relationships within your company are what keep driving it forward. The main benefit for using a collaboration software, such as Workplace by Facebook, is it helps to build better relationships within an organization. Workplace comes with an Org Chart, which quickly lets you look up individual profiles and team information, so there’s no time wasted searching for relevant stakeholders for every project.

The team at Cubepros assists our customers with the deployment of Workplaces by Facebook and supports throughout the change management. Using our expertise in cloud products and services, we smoothly integrate the tools already used by your team into your Workplace. Cubepros can also build custom integrations to match your company’s needs.

Cubepros’ services are cost effective solutions for small to medium-sized companies including startups, freelancers and nonprofits. Our team is dedicated to finding the best and most innovative technologies available to support your company’s growth. Review our services or get in touch today to receive a customized solution.