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Take your company to the next level with Virtual Bookkeeping by Cubepros.

The Cubepros team is a group of tech-savvy bookkeepers who have perfected the art of next-generation back office support. The most popular service we offer is online bookkeeping.

Virtual Bookkeeping

By hiring Cubepros, you are signing up for new-age back office support with an irreplaceable human touch. We provide access to an intuitive application, QuickBooks Online, which tracks your financials and a bookkeeper to consistently review, analyze and consult your company’s financials.

Your company’s general ledger is a summary of all of the organization’s accounts. Keeping this up-to-date allows for deep insight into your company’s successes. Also, by maintaining an accurate general ledger at all times, you will be able to quickly recognize areas for process improvements.

Our system records all transactions from your bank account into Quickbooks Online so that your business has a firm grasp on current cash positions. The biggest benefit to having an online accounting system is your data becomes mobile, meaning you can access a ‘real-time’ view of your financial position at any time.

Bookkeeping Benefits:

Your Cubepros Bookkeeper will import all bank statements, categorize transactions, and prepare financial statements on a monthly basis.

Come tax time, you’re organized and ready to file.

Have questions? Don’t waste time waiting on-hold. Send your Bookkeeper a message, and we will respond within 1 business day.

Bookkeeping services are more than just keeping an eye on your general ledger; as your company grows, Cubepros’ services may expand to meet your needs. Your Cubepros Bookkeeper operates like an in-house Bookkeeper, someone you can trust and is qualified to give advice in support of your company’s growth. Cubepros is a certified cloud accounting firm and your Bookkeeper is fully versed in QuickBooks online.

Cubepros’ services are cost effective solutions for small to medium-sized companies including startups, freelancers and nonprofits. Our team is dedicated to finding the best and most innovative technologies available to make your bookkeeping accurate. Review our services <here> or get in touch today to receive a customized solution.